Deadpool’s Art of War #1


The Only Exception Multi-Split 

Because Hayley sings this so differently live each time I thought this would be a good song to multi split 

The tracks we have here are 

  • Live at Reading (2014) 
  • Live on Ellen 
  • NRK Acoustic 
  • Studio Track 
  • Nova 100 Acoustic 

Hope you enjoy! 

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southern girls are so much better than northern girls

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ISIS doesn’t mean Islamic State just like how Nazi doesn’t mean National Socialism. 

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  • what i said: anime
  • what they heard: naruto and hentai



Liberals: “is that drone strike gluten free”

"solar-powered drones are better for the environment because they’re more sustainable"

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Season Pass includes side-scrolling spin-off set in China

Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Season Pass brings 8 hours of new content including a new campaign outside Paris, and an all-new 2.5D game set in ancient China.

Check out the Season Pass  trailer here.

Please prove to me that there is no gender wage gap.


Look, either you are going to believe me, because you have a shred of common sense, or you are going to not believe anything I say because you have already decided I’m wrong. 

But here we go anyway.

As this article discusses, the way they come to these conclusions is factually inaccurate. When actually compared side by side, one woman to one man, doing the same job with the same experience and at the same company…the pay gap becomes so small that is almost vanishes. 

Of course the studies that liberals use do not look at people individually. They average out across an entire industry and usually refuse to take into account experience, business size, benefits, or time taken off by an individual.

In the article I linked there are several discussions of why this is a dishonest and inaccurate way to calculate a “wage gap” between men and women. Maybe women take the easier, less stressful jobs in an industry. Maybe on average women take off more sick days, jobs with more flexible hours, or *gasp* maternity leave. Actually we know that to be the case on average. 

These things create a false “wage gap” that makes it look like employers are paying women less for some sexist reason, but that just isn’t so. 


Mary Jane and Spidey. Colors by Du Dominici

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a grace-filled moment for both Pope Francis and this priest who had been a victim of religious persecution jailed and tortured  in the previously proclaimed  ”Official Atheist State”


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